Touro's Harter Way Challenge

What:  Take the Harter Way Staircase and start getting in shape
When:  All month, anytime: April 29th - May 28th, 2015
Where: The Harter Way Staircase
Who:     You

The Harter Way Staircase has 113 steps and is the major conduit between the upper and lower campus. Take simple steps to start working on that beach body now and get moving with the Harter Way Challenge! Touro is challenging its students, staff and faculty to climb 1,000,000 steps in 30 days. 

UPDATE 5/26/2015!

We have four days left until the end of the Harter Way Challenge! As of today we have a total of 217,186 STEPS!!!!

We've increased every week! Let's burn off some of those Memorial Day weekend calories and help us end on a high note.

Here are some stats:

29Apr15-01May15: 35,369 steps

01May15-07May15: 53,223 steps

07May15-15May15: 62,263 steps

15May15-26May15: 66,331 steps

Once a day, just pick up one pebble at the bottom of the staircase and take it upstairs with you. Once you're at the top, deposit the pebble in one of two bins located at the top of the staircase. Pebbles will be tallied once a week to see how many of us have taken the stairs in one week. 

The Challenge started on April 29th and will continue until May 28th. Get your heart pumping and help Touro reach one million steps in one month!

For more information: contact Dr. Grace Jones at grace.jones@tu.edu