Photography Services

Photography services are provided as a function of the Office of External Relations in representing Touro University California to the public. All photo requests must use the Photography Services Request Form. Please submit requests at least 10 days prior to your event or photo session. This form is for requesting services and does not guarantee the availability of a photographer. After submission of this form your request will be confirmed via phone or e-mail. Requestor is responsible for securing photo releases of all subjects to be photographed and providing information prior to shooting if a photo release is not in place.

For more information about requesting photography services please contact
Diyosa Carter at 707-638-5805 or

Photography Services Forms

Photographers and videographers must obtain a signed release form from any person appearing in a photo to be used by Touro University for publications, marketing materials, websites or any other communications. No photo, video, audio recording or other multimedia project may be published, posted online or shared publicly without the express written consent of all participants.

The Office of External Relations keeps signed releases on file for media used in TUC publications.

  • Photo Release - Multiple Subjects - Use this form if you are hosting an event and would like to use one sheet for a number of attendees.  It is ideal if there is a sign in table prior to entering the event.  Note that if there are minors to be photographed you must use the individual release form.
  • Photo Release - Individual Subjects - This form is commonly used when there are only a few subjects.  It is also best for functions that involve minor students visiting from schools.  This is commonly paired with their permission slips to obtain parental/guardian permission.
  • Photo Release - Signage - This sign is to be used for large scale events.  The consent sign must be clearly posted at all potential entryways to the event space where the photography will occur.